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The Sales Leadership Forum is a membership organization dedicated to helping Sales Leaders (CEOs, Sales VPs, Managers, Directors, et cetera) who are responsible for managing the Sales People and processes of their organization. These Leaders are the people focused on identifying, acquiring and retaining profitable relationships with customers and clients.

The sales process has not advanced since 1873. That's right; the founder of NCR first documented the sales process which, tragically, is being followed by many organizations today. We've created the Sales Leadership Forum to help sales leaders bring their processes into the 21st century. This forum was created as a result of work that our founder, Gil Cargill, has done with over 500 peer consulting groups.. We take Gil's Process to manage the meetings.

Program description:

The Sales Leadership Forum is more than just a peer consulting group. unlike other peer organizations, not only do our members help each other with internal issues, ideas and thoughts, but each member is guided through Gil's curriculum to develop, document and deploy precise sales and sales management processes.

As a result of spending time with Michael Gerber, the author of The E-Myth, Gil realized that far too few businesses have documented sales processes. Gerber believes that all business processes should be defined and documented. Then, after the process is implemented, the manager only needs to manage the process.

As a member of our organization, you will be entitled access to a entire sales acceleration curriculum. This curriculum is developed and presented to you in the form of learning modules. Each module has a learning segment, then an implementation segment, and a follow-up segment. During our monthly meetings, your coach will work with you to develop and deploy a module.

In addition to the learning modules, topic-matter experts will attend many of our meetings and present their message on business-related topics that are relevant to sales and sales management staff.

The great academic failing: We feel that the Sales Leadership Forum will address a failing of our colleges and universities. Specifically, no college or university offers a four-year diploma in sales management. Therefore, we are faced with sales managers who are frequently promoted from the ranks of sales or the entrepreneur that started his or her business with the dream of building a successful business, neither has formal sales training. The Sales Leadership Forum will cover how to recruit, hire, train, manage, and coach your team to be accountable.

Beyond the monthly meetings: In addition to the monthly meetings as described above, each member of the forum will be eligible to enroll his/her salespeople in Gil Cargill's Results-Oriented Selling program. This program is delivered online and is accessible to our members' employees on a 24/7/365 basis.

Sales Coach Institute software: Our proprietary software is designed to enable you and your coach to communicate on numerous of issues. Primarily, we will work with you, through the software, to optimize your sales process utilizing the principles contained in The New Math of Sales Excellence®. Your coach will be accessible to you 24/7/365 through this software.

Support you can count on: One of the biggest benefits of joining the forum is that the Sales Leader will have the ability to interact with other noncompetitive Sales Leaders on a regular basis. You'll learn that your issues are not totally unique and, more importantly, you'll have a group of people who will become your "sounding board" to evaluate your thoughts and ideas, et cetera prior to sharing them with the people at your company.
The Sales Leadership Forum is a cost-effective solution for a company's sales issues. Our curriculum has been proven to help our clients improve their top line by as much as 36%. You'll implement the same curriculum working in parallel with your coach on an "as-needed" basis.

Membership in the Sales Leadership Forum is restricted to sales leaders... and only sales leaders. But, all sales leaders aren't necessarily a good fit for the forum. Let's get together at your earliest convenience to evaluate whether or not your circumstances will be complemented by a forum. We also have multiple forums in your area; and your circumstances and situation may not be a good fit for all of the forums, but we're sure that one will fit your needs.

For more information go to the contact page or email us at mdeastwood60@gmail.com and we will send you a membership application.

We will contact you immediately to start your journey towards creating a predictable and profitable sales organization.

Sales Leadership Forum
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