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What is a Fractional Sales VP?

The sales processes used by today’s sales forces were first documented in 1873. Companies we work with Bauer's Transportation, ACMSA, Main Street MSPA, NBA Hornets, Google, Jacobsen dealers etc..

As a result of using antiquated processes for finding, acquiring and retaining profitable relationships, most sales forces are doomed to a level of under performance.

This circumstance frustrates CEOs and business owners who rely on the acquisition of profitable revenue to meet their business’ objectives.

These outdated processes, strategies, and tactics have combined to suppress the productivity of today’s sales force. We have found that there are approximately twelve hidden profitability centers within most business-to-business sales organizations.

We’ve also found that an aggressive attack on these opportunities centers will produce a dramatic improvement in productivity.

The “secret sauce” of my sales acceleration service is the fact that we will attack the opportunity centers that your team either can’t or won’t attack. In other words, we supplement the activities and efforts of your team. Engaging myself and my team is the most cost-effective strategy available for driving your top line.

When you become one of my clients, you will realize a new found level of control, pre-dictability and profitability, as a result of my Fractional Sales VP Program.

As your Fractional VP, I will work with you and take responsibility for building and implementing action plans designed to assist you and your team to achieve your strategic, financial and tactical goals. I will I work with you on a month-to-month basis, without a long-term obligation.

I can take on all of the work involved with running your sales team week-to-week, including hiring, training, running weekly sales meetings, creating a compensation plan, setting metrics and holding the team accountable.

You need to run your business; let us run your sales team. I will put a structure and a system in place until you can hire a vice president of sales. The amount of involvement and cost varies based on the needs of the client.

The number one reason for sales failure is not being involved with prospect when they are ready to buy!

A typical engagement might look like:

First 30 Days:

  • Develop a sales business plan
  • Create a compensation plan
  • Evaluate current personnel
  • Recruit, interview and hire additional salespeople
  • Select and/or customize a tracking database (CRM)
  • Create key sales metrics

Weekly Activities

  • Create and present weekly pipeline report
  • Forecast future revenue
  • Lead weekly sales meetings
  • Attend weekly owner/GM meeting
  • Hold sales team accountable to agreed upon metrics
  • Coach owner/GM on sales leadership
  • Develop sales best practices
  • Recruit, interview and hire additional salespeople
  • Create appropriate sales materials
  • Train sales team
  • Ride along on key sales calls
  • Provide any necessary corrective action/PIP
  • Gather market intelligence covering competitors’ products and sales strategies
  • Guide contract preparation, negotiation, and delivery

 Training Session offering customized sales management tools that implement effective strategies for increasing sales performance through sales process coaching. This program includes a complete manual, along with web-based training and conference calls to help business owners and managers build a successful sales force.

Learn more about what we have to offer by going to the contact page and we will contact you directly:

*All programs were developed by the Cargill Sales Leadership Forum 

Fractional Sales VP
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