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Bello Sol Inc.
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Coaching & Training

Many of my clients view me as a Virtual Sales Manager.

In these consulting engagements, I operate as an interim manager to help my clients in a hands-on fashion to punch through barriers that may be inhibiting their organization’s ability to grow.  Coaching is a process you will never see a football or basketball team not have a coaching plan and daily scheduled practice. We work with Bauer's Transportation, ACMSA, Blu Sol Spa, Pony 4 Precious, MSPA and many others.


Training Session offering customized sales management tools that implement effective strategies for increasing sales performance through sales process coaching. This program includes a complete manual, along with web-based training and conference calls to help business owners and managers build a successful sales force.

We offer outside training for your sales staff.  Programs for ride a longs, sales process training, sales development, cold calling and how to manage a territory.

​Why do our clients choose to move forward with our Sales Plan?
Each of our clients wants their sales organization to be better, but they often lack the experience, time and resources to do so. Regardless of the business pain, our clients are seeking help to understand the nature of the problem and how to improve.

They all experience some of the following common sales issues:
Lack of a formal sales process
Inability to take sales “to the next level”
Stalled out proposalsncertainty of what sales questions to ask
The desire to have someone else handle sales since that isn’t there strength
Inability to find the “right” salesperson for their company, industry, and products
Not sure where to start – “I don’t know what I don’t know”
Not familiar with how to write an effective compensation plan that is affordable
Lack of time available to effectively manage sales team
Not effectively being able to articulate the value proposition, solution or service

   The nicest thing about not planning is that failure comes as a complete surprise and is not preceded by a period of worry and depression.

John Preston
Boston College

- 91% Of Deals Don't Close As Expected
                         - 85% Have No Documented Sales Process                              Highest ''Burnout" Profession
- 87% Of Opportunities Abandoned Early
        - 51% Of Sales People Missed Quota Last.Year
- Documented Processes = 17% More $$$

For more information contact us today at 925-482-4182.