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Bello Sol Inc.
West USA Realty of Prescott
Accelerate Profits 
Pony 4 Precious 
Closed Loop Marketing Program

This is Steroids for Sales People!

Most Common Concerns
Salespeople not following up on every lead
• Right questions not being asked
• Important data not being captured consistently
• No formal accountability for activities
• CRM type systems not used 
• Reps are in the right place at the 

What Is So Special?

“Does 90% of prospecting work for salespeople and holds them accountable for the last 10%.”

Why Closed Loop Marketing?

• 36% Increase in Year-to-Year Sales*
• 21% Increase in Conversion Ratios*
• 26% R.O.I. on Marketing Expenditures*
• 17% Increase in Customer Retention*
• 21% Increase in Average Order*
* Aberdeen Research Group 2008

Interest-Specific Follow-ups Automated
Multi-touch Campaigns Triggered in One Click
Salesperson Prompted to Ask Questions
• Database is Updated in Real Time
• Takes Mere Seconds

Weekly Manager Reports
This will allow all manager up to date information on each sales rep.

Largest Problems Solved!

Salespeople now following up frequently
• The right questions being asked
• The right data being captured
• Accountability for activities
• No software, no computers, no logging in
• No software, no computers, no logging in 

​The number one reason for sales failure is not being involved with prospect when they are ready to buy!
For more information and to receive a complete power point emailed to you call at 925-482-4182 or Email: mde@bellosol.com